It was a historic day for AirSial as it availed an opportunity of the holy presence of Sheikh Dr. Abdul Reham Al-Shaibi, son of Sheikh Dr. Saleh Zain Al-Abedin Al-Shaibi, the inheritor & keeper of the keys of Kaaba Sharif who bestowed on AirSial the unique honour of personally inaugurating the formal opening of AirSial Corporate Head Office at Kashmir Road Sialkot. He also sanctified the occasion with soul-stirring prayers for the people of Sialkot and for the success of AirSial.

The Honourable guest said on the occasion that the AirSial would be very soon from national to international carrier and fly high forever. He further said that he was glad to see the people of Sialkot who are a believer of Islamic ideology. He expressed his gratitude for the honour and love he received from the people of Sialkot.

Earlier Mr. Fazal Jilani Chairman AirSial along with Mr. Ameen Ahsan CEO, Mr. Qaisar Iqbal Sr. Vice Chairman, Mr. M. Umar Mir Vice Chairman and directors of AirSial, Business Group Leader Sheikh Riazuddin president SCCI M. Ashraf Malik and other dignitaries of Sialkot received the honourable guest at AirSial Head Office. Addressing on the occasion Mr. Fazal Jilani welcomed and thanked the honourable guest and others to grace the occasion to formally inaugurate the AirSial Head Office. Mr. Jilani offered the honourable guest and his family to travel on AirSial as a guest forever.

Mr. Jilani told the gathering that AirSial was another mega project of SCCI after SIAL. He announced to operate the inaugural flight on 27th of Ramadan this year from Sialkot to Karachi. AirSial will operate initially daily 3 flights from Karachi to Lahore, 3 flights from Karachi to Islamabad and an almost daily flight from Karachi to Sialkot. The airline has also Plan to serve the other cities of Pakistan i.e. Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad etc.and the international flights.