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Flyer International started its journey about six decades ago; the monthly Flyer International has completed more than 25 years of its publication under the present management. By far, it is the oldest trade magazine devoted to the promotion of tourism, aviation and trade in Pakistan.

Whereas the present management has not drifted from the initial goals set for this journal, it has given adequate encouragement to socio-economic–cultural activities in the country. This has been done because the overall progress of tourism depends on a number of factors especially those in the said fields. Not only this, it was a part of our policy to project the important events taking place in the domestic and international airlines (both in private and public sectors) as well as the GSA’s operating in Pakistan. This was done basically with a view for creating conducive atmosphere for the promotion of tourism and aviation in Pakistan.

The magazine has grown manifold in its publication and has launched its website (www.newflyerintl.com) and is also being read internationally. As a result of this development, calls of appreciation have been received by the readers from all over the world for our writings.


We are thankful to our advertisers for their sustained patronage in furthering a noble cause. Our thanks are also to the domestic and foreign airlines, travel agencies, cargo agencies, tour operators, hotels, tourism corporations, aircraft manufacturers, Sialkot International Airport Limited, Air Sial and members of other trade and professional organizations who have extended invitations to the Flyer for attending their various programs and study tours in Pakistan and abroad.

We maintained close liaison with trade organizations like TAAP, ACAAP, PIFFA, PHA, CAA, PTDC, PALPA, SIAL, ICAO, IATA, FIATA, PATA, BRIP etc. Flyer has always covered the activities and developments taking place in these organizations. Their role in the overall progress of the tourism and aviation industry cannot be undermined. The various conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops and study tours arranged by these institutions were participated by Flyer’s representatives and reports thereof were printed in positive manner. We have, as a policy, avoided controversy and have never indulged in any activities which could fan the flames of dissension and harm our basic objectives.

Flyer has its circulation in Pakistan and abroad particularly among important clients and key decision making personal connected with Airlines, travel, tourism, cargo agencies, Civil Aviation, defense services, manufacturers of aircraft, hotels & clubs, tour operators, importers & exporters, banks, manufacturers of consumer goods  and other commercial organizations. Quiet a large number of copies of the Flyer International are also send to the Embassies/Consulates of various countries, public libraries and educational institutions. This specialized magazine is also placed on board by various airlines.


This specialized publication aims at promoting the travel, tourism and business activities in various fields in Pakistan and abroad. The Flyer International Pakistan’s renowned aviation, tourism and trade journal presents well researched articles, news, reports, interviews on various topics with prominent personalities of the trade. The importance of the material carried by the monthly Flyer International may be gauged from the fact that a few write ups published in it are carried by other news papers/journals of Pakistan and foreign countries.