Global cargo volumes fell by 23% in March versus the same four weeks of 2019 with the week ending 29 March showing volumes were just half of what was moved in the same seven days of last year, according to the latest air cargo market intelligence from CLIVE Data Services.

The ‘dynamic load factor’ for the four- week period of 68% based on both the volume and weight perspectives of cargo flown and capacity available represented a decrease of 1.5% points versus 2019 but an increase of 3% points versus February.

“Sadly, there is no getting away from the overall concerning developments we are seeing in the global air cargo market, but there is perhaps a little bit of hope to be found in Asia which was hit first by the outbreak of COVID-19. In previous data, we reported the step-by-step improvement in Hong Kong to the European market and this is continuing.

The reported volumes for the last week of March 2020 were 26% higher than before the Chinese New Year started. If this is sustained, it will at least offer some hope for the rest of the industry of the speed with which air cargo traffic can recover after a very difficult time,” said CLIVE’s managing director, Niall van de Wouw.