In the hustling bustling life, travelling is a great escape to get rid of a robotic life and learn something interesting every moment. Through vivid exposure, it reaches various experiences of life.  Fortunately my business of export of Sports Goods, has been such that I had to travel extensively, especially in Europe, USA and the Middle East, to gain orders for my products from old as well as new customers and this enabled me to gain experiences which I would not have gained without travelling and these experiences related to all spheres of life, for instance washing my clothes, sometimes cooking by myself and walking by carrying  heavy bags for miles, to save money from taxi-travel, if and when it was not necessary.  I enjoyed profundity of all such experiences, living by my own-self alone with simplicity to do everything with own hands. It is rightly said that one learns more in travel than from anything else.  Travelling coupled with education plays its part (as it is rightly said ‘sonay pai sohaga’). Education so to say, serves as a wonderful guide in travelling.   Both – travelling and education, augment each other to understand the world affairs more correctly, closely and comprehensively. Travel is an education in itself, as also taught by the sage people in history.

People travel for various purposes, such as enjoyment, education, employment and exploring the depth of the world. But a common benefit imparted by travelling is that it broadens the views and perceptions of mind and soul. It develops the understanding level and sharpens the ideas and thoughts, regarding understanding various cultures intrinsically.  In contrast, for some people, it provides a great opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and thus convert their negative thoughts to positive ones, by praising the magnificent scenery of nature. The mid night sun for example, is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer months from June to September, in places north of Arctic Circle including north of Norway, Sweden and Finland etc. and in the south of the Antarctic Circle.  As it is known that the earth is not 100% round but has an oval shape and that “the earth is rotating at a titled axis relatively around the sun and since the earth’s axis at Arctic (or Antarctic) is titled more towards the sun, the countries placed there get an appearance of the ‘midnight sun’. This circle peaks in summer months and the sun emerges at mid-night from the horizon once again after having completely set down and gives a red-burning light. It is charming to see the comeback of the sun in that hour, which is called ‘midnight sun’. Only some precautions are taken, wearing a special glasses and that’s all for the body.  Nothing else to worry about!!

Similarly, some people find travelling as a medium to groom their personalities, enhance their confidence level and enrich their treasures of knowledge from whichever strata of society they may belong to. Travelling surely changes one’s personality and makes him decent, intelligent, independent and self-confident. In short, travelling is not only beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental health. It enlarges longevity of your life-span and definitely improves your mental health. It gives you self-confidence as well as the power to stick firmly to your vision or perspective. It will not be wrong to say that in one way or another, it inhabits a new soul into your body.

Orbiting Earth near Arctic Ocean at the North Pole between Russia and Canada, the Moon comes so close to the Earth that it looks like it is about to crash into it. The moon completes this cycle in just 30 seconds and covers the sun for 5 seconds before disappearing immediately … Enjoy nature’s beauty-wonders … One has to be extremely lucky to be there at that time. (My dear readers: if you would like me to send to you the ‘Video’ of this marvel of nature which I have been helped to capture; I can do so through the publisher cum owner of this magazine).

Lastly in my eagerness, once travelling in Sweden for selling my products viz. Ski gloves, Ice-hockey, Bandy gloves and all fitness articles produced here; and staying too long there, I decided to go up to the north of Sweden in order to quench thirst of my knowledge. It is where many tourists go to see the wonders of nature; where the day’s sun sets down in the evening time but after that during mid-night once again springs up for an hour or two depending on how north you are up on the globe of earth. This hour comes in summer-time and is called ‘Mid-Summer Night-Sun’. People throng there to see the wonders of nature. I stayed for five days in the city Kiruna during my travel in the north of Sweden.  My hotel room had been placed with heavy thick-dark curtains because when during the night the sun once again sprouts up in the sky with enough day-light, the curtains will help overcome the temporary light and restore darkness required for necessary-undisturbed sleep.  I was told by the manager of the hotel in advance about this change over called ‘Midnight Sun’. I had studied in the geography class of my school and now I was there to see it personally and experience it after 17 years.  What a great luck it was for me to be there and practically visualize and experience what I had studied in Matriculation. The Hotel people of Kiruna had informed me beforehand upon my arrival about this and not to get panicked by this natural phenomena creating a most enjoyable atmosphere when the day-light returns in the mid of the night.  The ‘Midnight Sun’ comes from April to August every year. ‘Hollywood’ had produced a romantic movie after Shakespeare’s novel ‘Midnight Sun’ in 2018. The film I saw in a Cinema in Vienna, close to the ‘Symposium of Vienna – Austria’, in the company of my dear Viennese business friend, Thomas in 2019.  An anxious and cautious life must continue gracefully for everybody.