Chairman AirSial, Mr. Fazal Jilani has announced to launch of international  flights  next month in the extraordinary general meeting. AirSial hosted EOGM for shareholders recently in Sialkot for the approval of the enhancement of authorized capital. All the shareholders approved the management.

Mr. Fazal Jilani Chairman, Mr.Amin Ahsan CEO, and Mr. M Umar Mir Vice Chairman AirSial briefed the gathering about the performance of the airlines. They said that AirSial had launched its domestic operations in Dec.2020 from Karachi-Islamabad and Karachi-Lahore and later to other destinations i.e., Peshawar and Quetta. Despite the critical situation of Covid-19, the airline performed well because of the hard work of the entire management and staff of the airline. Mr. Fazal Jilani told that AirSial reached breakeven six months ago. AirSial Has acquired further two Airbus A320-300 aircraft to its fleet for making international operations possible.

Mr. Fazal Jilan Chairman told that on 30 March 2022 AirSial had an agreement with BOC aviation in Dubai for acquiring two A320 aircraft on dry lease. This enables AirSial  to meet the standard of  CAA for having five active aircraft before starting international flights. As AirSial is now authorized by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority to have scheduled short-haul international flights.

AirSial is allowed to operate its international flights to Muslim countries which include, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, and Iraq. The Chairman said, Initially AirSial will start its international flights in  next month this year from Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar to Dubai and Saudi Arabia and later from Multan and Sialkot to other destinations also.