Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said recently
that the government has taken a number of steps to improve the economy and tourism by promoting regional connectivity through the aviation sector. He was speaking at a ceremony held at a hotel in Islamabad to issue a ‘Tourism
Promotion and Regional Integration (TPRI)’ licence aimed at promotion of
tourism opportunities. Under the TPRI initiative, which has been made a part of the National Aviation Policy 2019, foreigners would be issued licences to launch projects aimed at
promoting tourism in the country.The minister appreciated the efforts made by
the Aviation Division in formulation of the National Aviation Policy. He said the introduction of a separate class of TPRI licence was an important development towards promotion of
tourism and regional connectivity in Pakistan. Mr Khan said the initiative of
developing tourism sector along with regional connectivity was an important
step for the economic development of the previously isolated areas of the country.
“When we say there should be one Pakistan for every person it means that we
have to take care of those communities who live in remote and beautiful areas of
Pakistan. We need to come closer to each other for unity, and air connectivity plays
a pivotal role in this.”